Topic 1 Developing your personal Professional Development Plan


Think about your Career Mission Statement (What you intend to accomplish, and why.)

Now think about your six Principal Career Goals (What you need to accomplish in the medium term to further your career mission.)



Note any skills and knowledge gaps that you need to fill based on the weaknesses and skills you identified previously. You can also use the data provided by the labour market regarding the occupation or section you have chosen. Rank your current ability using the following scale, and note this on your professional development plan:

  • A – I indicate high levels of competence in this skill.
  • B – I have this skill/competency, but some improvements could be made.
  • C – I need to improve this skill/competency.
  • D – I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency.
  • E – I have little/almost no experience with this competency.

🡪Revisit these skill rankings every six months (make a diary entry to do this now). This will help you maintain focus and stay on target.