Topic 1 Personal SWOT analysis

In business, SWOT Analysis uncovers the Strengths and Weakness of an organization, and identifies the Opportunities and Threats that it faces. 🡪This analysis is equally important and efficient when you apply it for personal understanding and analysis.

By knowing your strengths, you can focus your efforts on the things that you’re good at. And, by understanding your weaknesses, you know what to avoid, what to improve, and where you need to get help.

Taken together, your strengths and opportunities help you identify potential long-term career goals. Your weaknesses, and the threats you face, are the things that need to be managed, mitigated or planned for, to ensure that your goals remain achievable.



Uncover what sets you apart from other  people. What qualities do you have that make you stand out?

🡪Don’t limit yourself to your personal skills. Explore all of your experiences, and the opportunities that you’ve had to grow and develop.

Focus on understanding the opportunities that are open to you.



Think about the things and areas where you could improve your performance. This way you can manage and reduce them.

Remember: We all have weaknesses! The trick is to recognize them and manage them appropriately..

The things that could deflect your success. Even though, often you cannot control them, they can be planned for. Consequently, it is important to address them and be aware of them. 🡪 A challenge loses much of its impact when it’s managed and prepared for.