Topic 1 Written communication

Written communication skills are the skills you use to convey a writing message and made up of 5 key elements:

It is important for the reader to have an explicit text in order to understand what you are saying. Clarity can be done by using simple language and giving specific information.

The information should be given quickly and efficiently. In order to communicate your message you should give only the necessary details or overly complicated sentence structures.

Concerns the ‘voice’ of your writing.  For example, business writing requires a professionalism tone. Or If you want to transmit negative news, you should avoid  accusations or language that might make the reader feel singled out.

Use active voice. Active voice is more accessible, helps the reader to flow better and move through better on the writing. Although it can be used in all forms of writing , it usually meets in professional communication.

How formal the writing is depends on grammar and punctuation. These are also important in informal writing  in order to get the right information from the message. It would be difficult to understand the meaning of what you read with wrong use of commas , articles, sentences etc.