Topic 2 Being brave enough to generating ideas

When starting a new job, starting a new venture, starting a new life, a person’s greatest need is courage. A person with enough courage and motivation can handle any job. It is said that ‘Half of success is Really Want’. As important as courage is that this courage must be sustainable. A person should motivate himself every day and remember his courage on the first day. He must act, think, and speak in a way that keeps his courage fresh.

We must not allow FEAR to prevent us from achieving what we desire and deserve.

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.”

Margaret Wheatley

  • Aware of yourself and your abilities; who you are and what are your fears. Accept them and not be ashamed of them. The better we know and accept ourselves, the more courageous we can be.
  • Recognizing your fears, knowing and accepting them is the most important part for being brave. For example, If you think like ‘I am afraid of speaking in public, I am afraid if they make fun of me while I am speaking.’
  • End all negative thoughts with a positive one, like, “But I can handle this. I can and I will”
  • If you know your fears, accept them and think that you can overcome them and act accordingly. Sooner or later you will overcome these fears.
  • Fears are mostly thoughts. For example, if you meet a strange person on the road, you will be afraid. But most of the time the thought of it ,scares you even more and discourages you.
  • Knowing that these fears are normal and that everyone has such fears. Instead of struggling with them, it is more beneficial to put them aside by accepting them, to take a step and to take action.
  • Start with small steps. For example if you are fear of talking, start with just one or two person whom you have already know.
  • Say yourself ‘what can it be worst’
  1. Call or write to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  2. Bring a pie (or other homemade goodie) to your least favorite neighbor.
  3. Sign up to volunteer at your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
  4. Invite a new friend to have coffee or lunch with you.
  5. Write an email to someone you admire.
  6. Confess a struggle to a close friend and ask him/her to help you overcome it.
  7. Serve someone in your family who often serves you.
  8. Research and begin learning a skill you’ve always wanted to.
  9. Spend some time walking (or driving) through a part of town you don’t visit often.


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