Topic 2 What is the right decision

Decision-making can be defined as, choosing the best option between alternatives. Everyday, we meet different alternatives about different topics and we make a decision by choosing one of these alternatives. There are lots of different decision-making styles that are defined by different researchers in the literaturee. [8] The right decision will show itself in time. Taking part in the decision-making process is the most important factor in the development of this skill.

“Think 100 times before making a decision, But once you do, stand by that decision.”
 Muhammad Ali Jinnah

‘’ The most difficult quality is to make the right decision. Because you can be quick, you can be strong, you can jump incredibly, you can have the best shots and you can be able to score goals from 50 yards, but if you don’t know when to shoot, when to run or when to jump, you’re lost.
Ander Herrera