Topic 3 Interview skills

Interview skills refers to skills you should have for a success interview. Job interviews should be a process of two-way communication. Are not only a tool to use to evaluate you the employers , but also an opportunity for you to assess the job.

During the interview there are some skills you may have in order to succeed.

First impressions include a warm smile, a warm handshake, good posture, direct and sustain eye-contact, to introduce yourself with confidence and always keep eye-contact while shaking hands. First impressions are only for the first thirty seconds but they may be your key to success.

Don’t be afraid to use non-verbal cues such some hand animation to show your enthusiasm while answering questions.  Look the interviewer into the eyes and keep a good posture, never slouch.

Before answering make sure you understand the question.  Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. Take your time before answer, employers appreciate those who think their answers.

Avoid lying about things you have done as you will be asked for details.

Maybe at the end of the interview you will start to feel comfortable and familiar. Try to keep the interview at a professional level and don’t be seduced.

Try to answer to the point to what they ask you without useless information.

Your smile is a reveal of your confidence, so try to do it often.

You can improve your interview skills, and experience has a decisive role to this. Please watch the following video and learn more about the interview skills: