Topic 3 Role-playing on complex interculturality situation


  • Enable ourselves to find solutions in a situation of comparison between cultures
  • Provide a healthy space to talk and find solutions to everyday challenges linked to interculturality


Role play exercises give participants the opportunity to assume the role of a person or act out a given situation. Role plays engage participants in real-life situations or scenarios that can be “stressful, unfamiliar, complex, or controversial” which requires them to examine personal feelings toward others and their circumstances (Bonwell & Eison, 1991, p.47).

  • Definition of 3 situations related to an intercultural complex situation faced by people whose culture is not that of the hosting country (you can choose between the situations with a brainstorming of the participants or pick neutral situations in the list below). The facilitator makes 3 groups, each group will exchange collectively and then works to find solutions to their problem.
  • Possible list of issues: I’m taking an interview for a job but I’m afraid I won’t understand all the questions / I cannot find support in my entourage to accompany me in the writing of / I am asked to remove my hijab when I go to do administrative papers at the town hall of my city/ etc…
  • Following the group discussions, each person writes down 3 solutions to get out of this situation. After that, the 3 solutions are discussed by peers with the aim to come up with 3 common proposals (from 6 proposals at the beginning we select only 3). If the group is large, it is also possible that 4 people also exchange together to then bring out again only 3 propositions. At the end, each group present their proposals to get out of the given situation. The facilitator allows everyone to give their opinion on the solutions of the others.