Topic 5 Valuating my skills in relation with my identity


  • Individually analyzing own strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflect on the formalization of my skills and the elements I have to work on


  • Why it’s important to value your skills?
  • Identify your strong and weakness will help to build your self worth. A strong sense of self-worth in the workplace can affect your job performance in many ways. For example, self-worth often leads to self-confidence, which is the feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities and judgment.
  • Once you identify your strengths, you can capitalize on them to achieve more in the workplace. Instead of thinking negatively about your weaknesses, you could make a plan to improve. Additionally, you can accept yourself as you are and give yourself more time to achieve your goals. 

ACTIVITY : Self evaluation

  • Fill out the activity sheet (next slide) asking yourself questions about your own skills and qualities
  • Determine what weaknesses you would like to work on and congratulate yourself on the things you have mastered and enjoy.
  • Complete and use this tool whenever you want